How things can get complicated

Yes, they were family, but still.. she didn’t t really agree with their way of looking at life

Balcón Colonia Roma, CDMX, México

Balcony           Colonia Roma, CDMX, México

So, when her Dad arrived to the next chicken enclosure, Camila was quietly letting the chickens out to the yard. Having opened the shutters, the air felt fresh and clean. In her left hand, she held an open book. It was a thick and heavy volume. With the other hand, she was opening the wire-mesh partitions and shooing the hens out.

Ventanal Colonia Roma, CDMX, México
Picture window            Colonia Roma, CDMX, México

When her father saw the book in hand, he made a disapproving face without realizing it. Camila turned around, just in time to catch the look on his face, which was in fact, a reaction she had already seen many times before.

Confused, and without knowing what to say, he decided to confront the child, once and for all. Looking severely into her eyes and using his sternest tone, he began to say:

“So, what do you think you’re up to, Camila? Did you actually believe, I’ll fall for your silly little tricks? Now, as it turns out, I’m supposed to believe you’ve done all the work in the first two coops, in the short while it took for me to finish my breakfast! It seems that you have a lot to learn and a lot to live…”

Maceteros Roma México
Flower boxes           Colonia Roma CDMX,  México

The little girl knew her father quite well and also, knew his most of his moods. For the same reason, she held herself easy and aloof and heard him till he finished talking. Holding his stare, confident and without challenging him, she waited before calmly answering quietly:

“Yes, sir. You are completely right.” 

Kiosko de la Alameda Centro Histórico, CDMX, México
The Alameda Kiosk           Centro Histórico, CDMX, México


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