On the final stretch

On occasions, he wondered where he obtained the strength to keep on going 

Paisajes de guada y café Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia
Bamboo and coffee landscapes           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia

      A little bit before entering the curve, he had already caught up with Danilo, and gradually, he began to get ahead. The two boys ran as fast as they could, as if their life depended on it. Half way up the curve, surprisingly Magnifico clearly took the lead.

El frente de la casa Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia
The country house           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia

      By the time they finally came out to the final stretch, the one in front of the pine tree, Magnifico was a few feet ahead in the lead. That boy was happily running, feeling the ground under his feet and advancing with a complete and total assurance. As he passed in front of the Virgin of the Road, he turned around, signed himself, and he actually muttered, his thanks, for her timely help, while a pale smile peeked out from his glance.

La terraza Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia
The front porch           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia

     Meanwhile, Danilo was doing all he could to catch up to his friend, feeling his heart pounding so strongly in his chest, as if were to burst out. Once in the final stretch, Magnifico caught a second wind and he pulled away even faster still, with an extraordinary speed never felt before.

En la cordillera Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia
In the mountains           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia


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