On the road to the border

And the child never perceived there was a bill to pay for the tiny bulb that lit up his nights…


Hacia la frontera Camino Pasto a Ipiales, Nariño, Colombia
Towars the Ecuadorian border.         The road from Pasto to Ipiales, Nariño, Colombia


Two days later, he placidly arrived to the city of Ipiales. He had crossed more than half of Colombia. Now, he enjoyed the satisfaction of arriving to its southern border with Ecuador.

La sombras de la tarde Popayán, El Cauca, Colombia
Afternoon shadows          Popayán, El Cauca, Colombia


He slept the night before in Popayán. Feeling happy, he walked its streets and admired the imposing and beautiful colonial buildings with their white façades.

Now, it was time to cross in into a new and unknown country for the first time in his life. An eminent sense of adventure dominated the traveler, completely mesmerized by his new role as a world trotter

El balcón en la plazuela Popayán, El Cauca, Colombia
Blacony on the small plaza           Popayán, El Cauca, Colombia

It was without the least problem that he breezed through the paperwork at the migration post. Emerging from the Ecuadorian Migration’s Office, he awaited his first steps on a country different from his own. As he set his foot on the Ecuadorian ground for that first time, he felt a strong emotion invade him. The feeling was both gratifying, as well as, pleasant.


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