A house by the sea

Chapter 5… Of poor lovesick poets

The lone ranger Beaches at Ometepe Isle, Rivas, Nicaragua
The lone ranger
Beaches at Ometepe Isle, Rivas, Nicaragua

     When they moved to live in León, the natural curiosity he had within, drove him to wander around each of León’s municipalities. Most importantly, he met and he got to know many of the people that lived in those parts. He extensively enjoyed making new acquaintances and cultivating friendships in the different neighborhoods; he would stroll happily about the Department of León, as if he owned the place, together with its people. It was all but his playground to grow up in. Many years later, he would take me along on his walkabouts, and I would never cease to be amazed, at how immensely popular he was.
Grandfather’s parents owned a lovely weekend house. “We had lived in Chinandega, a small and quiet city. Naturally the beach house was a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of León, for us a big city.” It was located on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Nicaraguan Pacific coast, quite nearby the port of Corinto.

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