A steep climb of a street

The weekend niece. from the book, Searching for treasures

View of the city park Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia
View of the city park
Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia

     Her grandmother’s house was placed just a few blocks from San Gils’s Central Park. The park was small, yet fresh and welcoming. Bordered by restaurants and cafes that offered tables on the sidewalks, it was a perfect gathering point for the city dwellers. As the sun began to set, it would fill with people enjoying the evening and the cool temperature.

     But, what a steep climb to reach her house. That street, in particular, had steps carved into its sidewalks to facilitate the pedestrians ascending the abrupt slope and was a typical example of the ups and downs so emblematic of the city’s streets.

     Dora’s favorite spot, to spend the mornings in, was precisely at the beginning of the steep slope. Merrily, the hours passed, while engrossed in her own, private world she played enthused or read one of the books she invariably carried with her. It was undoubtedly her favorite place, in front of the house with the stylish yellow facade, sitting placidly on those red-tiled steps, so comfortable and so wide. The neighbors passing by would smile and say greet her warmly, for they knew the young girl’s situation very well.

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