The doors of a hotel

People are strange when you´re a stranger

People are strange, song by The Doors

Caminando las calles de la ciudad París, Francia
Walking the city streets
Paris, France

“Allow me to clarify, dearest traveller from far away Colombian lands; you who have dared the vast Ocean. What I have to offer I shall express in a simple and straightforward way…” 

El café Paris. Francia
English spoken
Paris. France

“The memories of that unexpected trip to France, touch the deepest chords of my heart, even today though so many innumerable years have gone by since then… Irrevocably, they make me feel young once again. To dream that the world awaits my touch. It’s there, suspended and at my reach, waiting for me to stretch out my hand and take it. as my own personal treasure.”

Vista desde Plaza de la Concordia Francia, París
View from Concordia Plaza
Paris, France

This last remark was followed by a rich and heartfelt laughter, exquisitely sweet, as it exploded from deep within his guest. Alicia was fascinated by the thought of considering herself the exotic traveller from far away lands. And to think that she had arrived by mere chance to this most curious shop, this kind of a museum, after walking aimlessly, distraught and absorbed, enjoying the streets of an unknown city. Now, here she was, absolutely enjoying this unexpected morning.

«“The doors of hotels not only open towards the streets of their city. Better said, they direct us to fortuitously explore worlds that were unknown and unsuspected until the moment…” she pondered to herself.

El mueseo París, Francia
The waiting
Paris, France



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