The city of light

in his dreams he found , life offered many an answer to all of his questions

Puente sobre el río Paris, Francia
Bridge of the river
Paris, Francia

«“How could this happen? Which was the most unforeseeable and ridiculous combination of incredible circumstances that paved the way for my grandfather, among the uncountable thousands of people inhabiting this spacious Island, would fall upon this exotic and wild idea of becoming the antiquarian of Stratford-upon-Avon? Certainly, this is an absolutely valid question that may be indeed formulated, especially in the most peculiar case of my grandfather.” 

La esquina Paris, Francia
At the corner
Paris, Francia

“That man was the least innovative person the world has ever known. Of a most confining and narrow imagination, prodigiously reduced, not to say so absolutely scarce… he could not see past the modest rents that he received from some properties he owned in Rugby (inherited from his parents, by the way). It was with this income that he held a truly modest and boring life, absolutely uncomplicated and so perfectly tailor-made to fit his extreme conservative style.”

El reloj Paris, Francia
The clock
Paris, Francia

Alicia could not hold back her laughter as she heard Sir John’s remarks and observations. In effect, the refined and polished gentleman held a magnetic personality that captivated her. Possibly, the theatrical stages would have welcomed him, happy to receive such a charismatic character, who could charm his way with his manners and that contagious smile of his that positively shined with his high spirits and good-natured humour.

“Paris!” he theatrically exclaimed all of a sudden, as he fixed his intent gaze at the visiting lady with that smile that could dazzle and delight anyone who came close to him. “The responsibility for such a preposterous incident belongs to the stunningly beautiful City of Light…!”

La rueda de la fortuna París, Francia
The merry-go.round
Paris, Francia



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