Sailing the Atlantic waters

To understand some of the things in life, sometimes its best to leave them behind for a spell

La Catedral Centro Histórico, Cusco, Perú
The Cathedral
Historical Centre, Cusco, Peru

Happy and satisfied with her little jaunt, the little Felicia, carefully closed the door soundlessly. Her room was very big and it was filled to the brim with all sorts of toys, the same that their parents had bought, when travelling through Europe, years before she was born.

Calles de Cusco Centro Histórico, Cusco, Perú
Cusco’s streets
Historical Centre, Cusco, Peru

Felicia’s parents were in complete agreement as to one basic fact: they would have numerous children, quite common in the times they lived in. They also shared one fundamental disagreement, that disagreement stemmed on how many children in all, and if the first born would be a girl or a boy. Her father was totally convinced that the first child would be a boy. At the same time, her mother argued that her maternal instincts had already informed her that she would be a little girl.

El Gato Negro Centro Histórico, Cusco, Perú
The black cat
Historical Centre, Cusco, Peru

As they made their way through the different countries, of the so called old continent, they bought the toys that, at the same time, would later turn into the souvenirs of such a memorable journey, the occasion when they left the Colombian coast behind to cross the Atlantic waters.

Arco del acueducto Centro Histórico. Cusco, Perú
Aqueduct’s arch
Historical Centre. Cusco, Peru


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