The power of onions

Chapter 1… My poor broken down worlds

Calles de Granada Centro Histórico, Granada, Nicaragua
Granada’s streets                    Historical Centre, Granada, Nicaragua

“That… this is your boarding pass, kiddo. Listen carefully and then keep it to yourself. Tomorrow, go to school as if nothing were happening. Wait around for half an hour, and then discreetly, place half an onion in each of your armpits. Leave them there for around ten minutes, give or take. Then when you’ve worked up a fever, get up slowly, walk to the teacher and tell her that you’re not feeling good. Don’t forget to wear your best I’m about to die and gonna faint face. I’ll be at home, waiting for the call from school, I’ll tell them, that it’s no bother at all to pick you up there and take you to the doctor. Then we walk away and… we’re off to see the Wizard! I know these fishermen in Moyogalpa that know how to make these shrimps taste so good, that’ll really make you faint! “

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