Life’s mysteries

Who can proclaim to have all the answers stashed in their pocket?

La ribera Desaguadero, Frontera Bolivia-Perú
The lake’s shore
Desaguadero, Bolivia-Perú Border

“There are mysteries in life and in this world that we don’t understand and surely will never be able to comprehend. What I am now explaining to you, is the result of many years of searching for the answers to what happened on that day. I have slowly been inquiring into the existence of these special beings, shall we say.”

Salida de Bolivia Desaguadero, Frontera Bolivia-Perú
Departing Bolivia
Desaguadero, Bolivia-Perú Border

“I do not ask that you believe me. If you find what I am saying as unreasonable, you are perfectly in your own right to do so. Probably, I wouldn’t believe my own words if I were in your place. Or, as they say, in your own shoes.”

“No, grandmother. It’s not that I believe you are mad. I have never met a more lucid woman than yourself. That is a fact. But, insomuch as special beings in the form of a dog…”

Frontera boliviana Desaguadero, Frontera Bolivia-Perú
Bolivian Border
Desaguadero, Bolivia-Perú Border

Laughing, Angelica answered:

“It does sound a bit strange, I admit. Forget about that for the moment. Now, if you find these notions a bit difficult to chew on, allow me to elaborate a bit more. Still, I must warn you that what follows will be as hard or even more difficult for you to swallow,” she concluded, laughing as without a care in the world.

La entrada a Perú Desaguadero, Frontera Bolivia-Perú
The entrance to Peru
Desaguadero, Bolivia-Perú Border


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