Long faces

In how many situations the old saying applies:  we see the faces, but not the souls

De regreso Desaguadero, Frontera Bolivia-Perú
On the way back
Desaguadero, Bolivia-Perú Border

“Now, don’t give me those faces that would appear to be longer than Lent itself” Angelica said, addressing them all. I still haven’t lost my mind… yet! And I haven’t turned into some half-crazy mystic that read omens in every shift of the way the wind blows. Nor will I read your coffee that you are drinking to announce how you shall wake tomorrow,” she ended saying with a long, heartfelt laugh.

Los cargadores Desaguadero, Frontera Bolivia-Perú

The trolleys
Desaguadero, Bolivia-Perú Border

However, the silence prevailed impassively, as they all nervously contemplated Angelica with a shy trepidation. Angelica’s smile did denote a bizarre gleam. Fernanda, felt the hairs on her arms rise and sighed almost inaudibly. Impassive and apparently not aware of the situation, after unhurriedly sipping her coffee, Angelica continued thoughtfully:

Zona fronteriza Desaguadero, Frontera Bolivia-Perú
The border zone
Desaguadero, Bolivia-Perú Border

“My, it is certainly delightful to sit here drinking our coffee and to be here outdoors and basking in this glorious sunlight. I had almost forgotten that such beautiful, sunny days could exist, with such a long winter that we’ve come through, almost as long as those faces you’re wearing.”

“Come on now, family, it’s me, Angelica. The same person I’ve always been: the mother and the grandmother that you know very well. You look at me as if I was that crazy, deranged woman that lives around the corner. Cheer up and let us enjoy this splendid opportunity to share our lives for a moment and to discuss fresh, groundbreaking subjects,” she commented with a slight smile, observing each one of them in turn.

La entrada a Bolivia Desaguadero, Frontera Bolivia-Perú
Arrival at Bolivia
Desaguadero, Bolivia-Perú Border


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   ©  All photos by edudelcorral

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