An unexpected surprise

Who gets up in the morning, thinking that his life is going to change dramatically, turning in a completely unexpected way

Vista al parque ciudad de Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
View towards the park
 Tarija City, Tarija, Bolivia

So, it happened that one weekend in the month of the characteristic strong winds, Angelica’s family came to enjoy the afternoons, as happy as fun, flying their kites in that immense plaza of the Central Park, saturated with people and kites, in that marvelous town in Boyaca.

And though those were afternoons unquestionably memorable, the wonders of those afternoons were not indelibly impressed in the memories of her childhood. They had their own magic, of course, and, at the moment, they were rightly appreciated.

Calles de la ciudad ciudad de Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
City streets
Tarija City, Tarija, Bolivia

For the experience to be forever indented in young Angelica’s tender conscience, permanently underlining that outstanding weekend in particular, would consist of a more relaxed kind of event, it may be said that a of a more spiritual nature. This important circumstance, without further words, was simply a chamber music concert, a most singular event in those times. It would be until thirteen years later that Leon Scott would invent the phone autograph and for the first time in history, music would be recorded, forever captured by man, but in the times we are referring to the only possibility of listening to music was a live performance, and these occasions were quite rare and unique.

En la esquina ciudad de Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
At the corner
Tarija City, Tarija, Bolivia

This music recital took place in the beautiful and modest scenario of the Church of Our Lady of Rosario, set right upon the Main Plaza in Villa de Leyva. The presentation was performed by a string quartet from Italy. They had been travelling through Colombia, while and on their way, they offered their musical recitals, in assorted principal cities of Colombia. On that occasion, they had stopped that morning, on their journey to Tunja, to later keep on heading on their way to Bogota, the great Capital, where their tour across the Colombian landscapes would finally end.

Centro histórico Ciudad de Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
Historical Centre
Tarija City, Tarija, Bolivia


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   ©  All photos by edudelcorral

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