Barking in the distance

There are those who can read life in such subtle things as a dog’s way of barking

Los Próceres de Plaza Lizardi Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
The heroes at Plaza Lizardi          Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia

For all those reasons, that Sunday they had gathered together, without a care in the world, happily chatting among themselves, and carelessly enjoying their coffee after breakfast. The flower that crowned that garden of ease was the placid moment by which the unexpected news of Pilar’s pregnancy was announced. During that morning, bathed in a luxurious light. Thus three generations sat together celebrating, as the family tree slowly grew a new branch.

La banca del Parque Lizardi Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
The bench at Plaza Lizardi           Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia

“Cipriano,” Felipe answered the enthusiastic question posed by Julian, the young, new great-grandfather.

“It’s in loving memory of Felipe’s paternal grandfather,” Pilar added smiling.

“It is but a small tribute of a great man’s passage through this world of ours.” Felipe continued, while in his own affectionate way, he gently took Pilar by her hand.

La ciudad capital Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
The capital City         Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia

Angelica was about to say something when she was abruptly interrupted by a dog barking in the background. The barking could be clearly heard and finally it ended in a long howl, imparting a profound sensation of unrest in all those present and provoking an absolute silence in that family reunion which only a few moments before,  had been such merry gathering.

Jardines y murales de Plaza Lizardi Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
Gardens and murals at Lizardi Plaza           Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia


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   ©  All photos by edudelcorral

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