Ideas and realitites

The evident and the obvious passes on occasions, imperceptibly 

El altiplano de Jujuy Ruta 9, Jujuy, Argentina
The highlands in Jujuy
Ruta 9, Jujuy, Argentina

Pilar remained in silence for a while, quietly observing as she felt herself alive and overflowing with admiration for the ideas so energetically expressed by Felipe. The profound conviction she heard in his voice filled her with brimming emotions, and at that moment, she felt so much closer to him, as if this were humanly possible.

“The thesis that I have promoted among my colleagues, resides in that if we consider these acts from a strictly penal point of view, then we must admittedly consider that to assault, ridicule, or demean a person because of their beliefs or preferences in life, must ultimately carry criminal penalties with all the legal implications and consequences.”

Los paisajes de La Puna Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina
La Puna landscape
Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

“And these acts would even entail repercussions of the most severe degree, in the case of an aggressor, who finds him or herself acting in the role of a superior moral authority before the victim, such as happens in the case of a parental figure before a child.”

“Lamentably, I have found scarce sympathy among my fellow attorneys, but there is one thing that is totally clear. I shall still promote these concepts as long as I have the strength in life to pursue it, for I am absolutely convinced of the necessity of this matter.”

El puente del Inca Ruta 9, Jujuy, Argentina
Puente del Inca
Ruta 9, Jujuy, Argentina

Pilar gathered strength from that indomitable reserve that resided in the core of herself, her steady gaze reflected the total recognition and admiration so deeply felt towards her husband, as she carried the conversation back to its original theme.

Teo en la calle Salta Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina
Teo at Salta Street
Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

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