A vision of heaven

Talking about Angels and Heaven, I clearly recall that when I was but a child… I liked to imagine Heaven with its respective Angels

Cúpula Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia
The church tower           Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Back then, I had my own proper vision of that heaven promised to me, at the moment, by Father Juan. I envisioned it, as if it were an immense and grandiose set of high rises or perhaps impressive, monumental skyscrapers.

El regreso Tarabuco, Chuquisaca, Bolivia
On the way home          Tarabuco, Chuquisaca, Bolivia

In my childish and naïve vision, the infinitely tall buildings, with a splendid and remarkable breath and amplitude, absolutely devoid on inner divisions, would constitute of never-ending, interminable spaces in the midst of the coveted Paradise’s vastness.

Certainly, it could be understood as an administrative centre of the most massive dimensions conceivable, unfolding majestically into the infinitive. Endless, this evangelical site was overwhelmed with small and uncountable spherical offices that extended in all the possible and imaginable directions.

Campanario Sucre Chuquisaca, Sucre, Bolivia
The church tower           Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Each of these celestial workstations would be equipped with a multitude of video monitors. They simply added up to billions of trillions… uncountable video panels. The video monitors would be stacked interminably upwards and towards the sides, and these would be constantly utilized to observe in a continuous fashion, without rest nor interruption, the actions of all of us: the mortals, those still held relentlessly under doubt… until proven otherwise.

An indescribable labour, to scrutinize us all… the dwellers of down below. Those who forever and for all Eternity would find ourselves watched.

Campiña boliviana Carretera Sucre a Tarabuco, Chuquisaca, Bolivia
Bolivian countryside           Highway Sucre to Tarabuco, Chuquisaca, Bolivia


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