Abandoned nests

Though the nest may be so comfortable, it is hopelessly left behind, in the moment when wings reach out for flight…

Confluencia Tena, Napo, Ecuador
Confluence         Tena, Napo, Ecuador

Camila was the first to break the silence. Her voice reflected a meditative state of mind.

“You know something?”

Atardecer en el río Tena, Napo, Ecuador
Sunset in the river           Tena, Napo, Ecuador

“Excuse me?” was Magnifico’s reply. He was also lost in his own thoughts.

Vista de Tena Tena, Napo, Ecuador
City view          Tena, Napo, Ecuador

“It seems it was easier than I thought. But, I must admit that I feel sorry for your folks. The way I see it, your mom is terribly worried. And I’ll tell you another thing, she’s scared because she feels we won’t be kids for much longer and she won’t be needed soon. She frightened thinking that the day will come when you leave her to go with me. Actually, she believes she’s is going to lose you…”

Volcán Sangay al atardecer Macas, Morona-Santiago, Ecuador
Sangay volcano at dusk         Macas, Morona-Santiago, Ecuador


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   ©  All photos by edudelcorral

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