A prefab life

In his life, he always preferred to make his own way, as to following the paths he encountered on the way

Atardecer en el pueblo Mindo, Pichincha, Ecuador
Dusk in the town           Mindo, Pichincha, Ecuador

“But, that story already went through, at least, a full turn. Could be there’s more to it, but as far as I know, it goes back to your Mom’s plans for us, may her soul rest in peace.”

After a brief pause, he kept on going:

Los carritos Mindo, Pichincha, Ecuador
The carts           Mindo, Pichincha, Ecuador

“Everything nicely arranged. I would work with your Dad in the shop, and we would live in their house in Santa Isabel, right next to my work.”

After studying her reaction, he followed through:

La fuente Mindo, Pichincha, Ecuador
The fountain           MindoPichincha, Ecuador

“Everything was good, your mom was a sweetheart, but… we had our own plans, and we wanted to set up a farm to live in, with just a few animals to call our own. Most importantly, we wanted to have a family and be happy together.”

“That’s so true! Right now, we would be in town in my parent’s house”, she interjected, clearly smiling.

En el bosque Mindo, Pichincha, Ecuador
In the forest           Mindo, Pichincha, Ecuador


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