A birthday cake

Starting upon that birthday, the happy sounds of his childish laughter, gradually became less frequent.

El pórtico de la entrada Confines, Santander, Colombia
The front porch          Confines, Santander, Colombia

      Outside the front door, his mom had placed a large, long table. It was in the terrace that ran all along the front of the house. There, in its shade, the air was nice and fresh. They keep the old red machine there, so rusty now, by so many years of wear and tear.

La chiva Supía, Caldas, Colombia
The chiva-bus           Supía, Caldas, Colombia

    Upon this table, she had arranged the Tolima-style tamales, the same ones she prepared with ingredients she obtained from the farm. Of course, there was plenty of candy; she had made with the goat’s milk.

Domingo de mercado Supía, Caldas, Colombia
Sunday market           Supía, Caldas, Colombia

       But what really provoked a nostalgic, cheery feeling in the bottom of his heart, was the enormous, huge birthday cake, with its nine multicoloured candles and the pine tree, carefully etched in the centre.

Una tarde de chicha Tacuba, Ahuachapán, El Salvador
A chicha afternoon        Tacuba, Ahuachapán, El Salvador

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