The hare and the turtle

Childhood is lived only once,, but is remembered on so many more occasions

Los andenes del parque Pinchote, Santander, Colombia
The park’s walkways           Pinchote, Santander, Colombia

Deep in his dream, the first voice he recognised was Danilo’s distinctive, young voice. It belonged to his best friend. They went way back to when they studied their two years of grammar school. He listened to his voice, impressed by the clarity of the sound.

Durante la siesta Girón, Santander, Colombia
During siesta          Girón, Santander, Colombia

Now look, you still haven’t understood that the top already has an owner, you hear? Whatever you do or are planning, you’ll never beet the Black Jaguar, the fastest runner in school and all Tolima. And that, is me! So what do you think about that? In this race, I’m the hare and you, my friend, are the turtle.”

Regreso de la escuela Girón, Santander, Colombia
Back from school           Girón, Santander, Colombia

   The challenge was followed by Danilo’s merry, contagious guffaws. These were followed by the rest of the kids attending the birthday party. Danilo, was always in a good mood, and that was one of the many things he admired of his best friend.

Paisaje de Santander Barichara, Santander, Colombia
Santander’s landscapes           Barichara, Santander, Colombia


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