When the child grows into a man

Placidly sleeping, he dreamt his awakening and in that awakening he lived his life till the end of his days

La Virgen del Río El Banco, Magdalena, Colombia
The Virgin in the river           El Banco, Magdalena, Colombia

And so it happened, that in the quiet waters of the calm and serene pond, fantasy’s ripples eventually came back to find the father, whom without grasping of the full reach of his carefree jokes and comments had unknowingly given birth to these said ripples.

El pescador del río El Banco, Magdalena, Colombia
The river fisherman           El Banco, Magdalena, Colombia

Nevertheless, he enjoyed the dreams where he sat viewing from the Very Important People’s booth, relishing his son’s feats, as he wandered among the heights.  There, he quietly contemplated the daredevil high flights of who was once his little boy, and had finally become a man, and his heart overflowed with pride.

La tienda Galán, Santander, Colombia
One cent less store           Galán, Santander, Colombia

That was how the three members of the family, each in his own way, were hopelessly entrapped in those dreams, those same dreams that heralded the faraway and distant future of that innocent child.


En la plaza Santa Cruz de Mompox, Magdalena, Colombia
At the plaza           Santa Cruz de Mompox, Magdalena, Colombia



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