A world below the colourful tarps

Of things of men I’ve seen more than my share: in their houses and in their lifestyles, and in their way to dress, or not to dress. In their churches and in the things they believe these contain. In where they place their deceased, and in the ways they say farewell to them; and also, in what they say that happens to them once they have ceased to breathe and to talk.

Los juguetes Cementerio de Mompós, Magdalena, Colombia
Toys         Cemetery at Mompós, Magdalena, Colombia

Not only Magnifico wandered into that illusory world of the huge tarps.

Vista a la plaza Santa Sofía, Boyacá, Colombia
Vista towards the plaza           Santa Sofia, Boyacá, Colombia

Of course, with his father’s comments, those casual jokes, the ones that praised his extraordinary abilities and prowesses in the conquest of unattainable heights, these had a vivid echo en his young and very active imagination,

Mundo de ilusiones Popayán, El Cauca, Colombia
Illusory worlds          Popayán, El Cauca, Colombia

and would add and conjugate themselves with the picturesque books he avidly read on the same subject,  about the fascinating and mysterious world of the circus, that lived below the gigantic carps of striking colours.

La iglesia del pueblo Guare, Santander, Colombia
The town’s church            Guare, Santander, Colombia


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