Together in life

And with the cutting edge of his sharp imagination, he left a testimony of his passing through this life


Tierra de Pintores Bogotá, Colombia
Land of painters           Bogota, Colombia

           A few years before, in that same pine tree, they had once built a swing. In some way, that old pine tree became an important part of the small family’s the history, and it went all the way back to its origins.

Una mañana en el río Seine Paris, Francia
A morning in the River Seine           Paris, France

    When they bought the farm, many years before Magnifico’s arrival into this world, his father carved his initials, as well as his young wife’s in the bark of the pine tree. In those days they were scarcely a bit more than children themselves. He was barely sixteen years old and she was but fifteen.

Viva la resolucion Berlin, Alemania
Viva la resolucion           Berlin, Germany

        Life promised to be an adventure waiting to be discovered between themselves, and the world was theirs for the taking. That act, simple in itself, was tremendously significant, for it represented their taking possession of the newly acquired farm. The date could be seen, next to their initials, carved on the bark with the bold strokes he cut with his favourite knife: Together in life and beyond our death, 16 of July, 1934.

Renacer durante el crepúsculo Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, Colombia
Reborn in the dusk´s light           Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, Colombia


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