When am I going to die, momma?

When am I going to die, momma? Oh, my child… what would you say, if I told you that for you darling, it’s going to take a long time!

el tesoro

Walkabout          Route 9, Jujuy, Argentina

The years go by; like the mileposts on the highway, they turn into a succession, which ‒passing right in front of us‒ we eventually we cease to perceive.

Dusk Barranco, Lima, Perú
Dusk           Barranco, Lima, Perú

On arriving to a distant point on the road, it becomes totally valid to turn our sight back and ask ourselves, how we arrived so rapidly all the way up there.

Zarpando Capurgana, El Chocó, Colombia
And away            Capurganá, El Chocó, Colombia

I see our dreams and yearnings. I see our fears and our concerns. I see our doubts. In my mind I see all that and more: Oh, courageous seafarers who dared to sail the seas of Life.


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