Silence in the saloon

Balconies at the Plaza de Armas Arequipa, Peru
Balconies at the Plaza de Armas Arequipa, Peru


The foreigner was momentarily thoughtful as he stood, gathering his thoughts, while slowly sipping his beer. More than half of the night’s gathering had stood from their tables, gathering in a half circle around the bar, also quiet and pensive, as they noiselessly observed the traveler.


Oaxaqueño huipil dresses Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico

The priest had already installed himself on one of the stools at the counter, while Simon had bought him a plate with more orange wedges and carefully refilling his drink.


The balconies of the Plaza the armas Arequipa, Perú


Amongst the crowd, in one of those moments in the prevailing silence, as it happens sometimes, a voice was distinctly heard asking what the women of those faraway lands could possibly look like. Smiling, the stranger continued after having finished his drink.


At the balcony Arequipa, Peru
Zumbagua women Pujilí, Cotopaxi, Ecuador


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