The most important people in his life

And still, lying in her deathbed, she was absolutely convinced that the world revolved on her beauty

Comida de la calle, Berlin, Alemania
Street food           Berlin, Germany

Suffice it to say that this issue about the circus had seriously interested him since he was very much younger. A fascinating world, populated by exotic beings and all sorts of animals gathered from distant lands, capable of performing and entertaining their public. A dynamic world, for its doors continuously opened to different landscapes of cities and towns, as it constantly roamed throughout the world.

El cafecito informal Paris, Francia

An informal café          Paris, France

Whenever he found a book that dealt with that subject, especially if it was illustrated, Magnífico would read, re-read and devour that particular book, always starting it anew and  from the very first page. In his imagination, he formed part of that magical world, for he could scale the highest trees in the world, and for that feat, people applauded overwhelmed.

La esquina Londres, Inglaterra
The corner           London, UK

Thus, he had quite a clear idea of the box seats for special guests and very important people. In his mind as a child, his parents fit well into both categories; hence, they would arrive invited and, of course it goes to say, without paying, for they were the most important individuals in his life.


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Free passes to the circus

How many unforgettable moments in that house on the branches of the old pine tree

La torre Londres, Inglaterra
The tower           London, UK

That conversation took place, the day when they were busy building his hidden tree house, in the highest branches of one of the tallest trees near the road, scarcely two hundred yards from the road, but still, perfectly hidden and concealed among the other pine trees, all equally lofty.

Los colores de las paredes Berlin, Alemania
The colours of the wall            Berlin, Germany

“But, how can you even think that I will work in a circus, Dad. I am going to work on the farm and all its chores. When I grow up, you just wait and see, we’ll have the biggest dairy in the land. There we will sell our milk, cheese and delicious milk candies.

Vista al río Seine Paris, Francia
View towards the Seine           Paris, France

But, I will promise you one thing. If I ever, for some reason become a circus performer, you’ll always get in for free. In the worst case, if the circus wont give me passes for you, they still have to pay me, and I’ll buy them myself. I would be very happy to do it!”

La Calle 4ta. Bogotá, Colombia
4th Street          Bogotá, Colombia


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A tiny circus entertainer

And for each and everyone, fate is determined each and every day

A la playa Berlin, Alemania
Summer days           Berlin, Germany

As time went by, his parents grew used to watching him walk all the unimaginable heights the boy found in his path, and this, with an impeccable equilibrium.

Por la mañana Paris, Francia
In the morning          Paris, France

There was no doubt, as to the natural gift he had been endowed with, for it was just a matter of watching him walk on top of fences, climb to the roofs and scramble up to the highest reaches of the trees, as well as, other most unthinkable places.

Por las calles Londres, UK
On the streets           London, UK

Once all the way up. he would hang from the branches, at times with his legs or maybe with his hands. Joking, his father would tell him that he would surely work in a circus, for with those abilities of his, it just wouldn’t surprise him.

“Son, tell me something… When you grow to be a famous circus artist, will you invite us to your performances, or perhaps, we will have to pay our way in to watch your act?”

Arte urbano Bogotá, Colombia
Urban art           Bogotá, Colombia


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