Arriving at Ibarra

 “Right now and at the moment, I have just arrived from the border,” he began to reply thoughtfully “Which I’m sure many people will truly believe to be quite far away, but still, on this occasion and in my own personal opinion, I have found it to be actually close by.”   (Excerpt from “The treasure”)


En el centro de Ibarra, Provincia de Imbabura, Ecuador
The colonial quarter              Imbabura Province, Ecuador


A few hours from the border, near a city by the name of Ibarra, he had a friend. His friend studied Agronomy, and they had shared an apartment for a couple of years.


Fachadas Ibarra, Provincia de Imbabura, Ecuador
Ibarra’s facades            Imbabura Province, Ecuador


Since the first impression, he liked Ibarra enormously. Immediately he noticed a difference in the accent of the people. That and having to chance currency made him realize he had effectively changed countries.

En la plaza Ibarra, Provincia de Imbabura, Ecuador
At Ibarra’s Plaza         Imbabura Province, Ecuador


He passed his first night out of Colombian lands in the Hotel Barcelona, which overlooked the beautiful Plaza de la Merced. It was an old building and quite agreeable.


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