The colours of our blood

My name is Juan de Antonio Carmelo Refugio del Sagrado Corazón Herrera Algodoña. I admit that you require an excellent physical condition just to say it properly.


Bolivian landscape


The colours of our blood, is an incursion into Bolivia during the sixties, where we are present at the birth of Juan de Antonio Carmelo Refugio del Sagrado Corazón. He’s born in the midst of the Herrera Algodoña family. direct descendants of Francisco and Clotilde Herrera, named Prince and Princess of la Glorieta by the Pope, León XIII. They became the only nobles in Bolivia during the XIX century, and furthermore,  they were actually the only nobles in all of independent countries of Latin America.

As the story develops, Juan de Antonio, will constantly struggle with his mother’s absolutely rigid mentality and her blue-blooded ideas, as she lives her life  in a completely isolated world , totally separated from the Bolivian everyday reality in which she is immersed.

Like all the other books of  Short stories of a long journey, , the pages of The colours of our blood, take us on a journey into Bolivian lands. In its pages the people, traditions, and landscapes become alive in one more journey into another beautiful Latin American country.


Vol. I   In the land of volcanoes       Vol II.   Searching for treasures