In the land of volcanoes

My name is Francisca Diaz. I was born in León, Nicaragua. It has been said that I was born during troubled times, by people who didn’t know what they were talking about.

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In the land of volcanoes, is the first book of this collection. The stories it contains are set in Nicaragua, and they happen during the second half of the past century. The narrator, Francisca Diaz, is one of the main characters of the book. In the fourteen successive stories of the book, she takes us through the history of the Diaz Family, starting with the wedding of her paternal Great-grandparents, continuing with her Grandfather and Grandmother’s childhood and subsequent marriage to finally describe her own childhood, as she grew up in her grandparents beautiful estate, in contemporary Nicaragua.

This book owes its existence to all the unforgettable nights, with my Nicaraguan friends, sharing rum and beers and basking in the soft glow of human companionship. In those wonderful occasions, I was taught many lessons about everyday Nicaraguan history…

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