How to buy the books

portada edu english version


I’m glad you would like to read the whole book. Purchasing the book is quite simple and straightforward, either in the eBook format or as a printed book. The book are found in English as part of the Short stories of a long journey collection, or they are also available in Spanish in the Cuentos cortos de un largo viaje series. They are available in your country and are delivered to your address in approximately two weeks time. You can pay with a debit or credit card and order on-line.


To buy the eBook, simply follow the link below and fill the necessary information for the purchase. If you don not have an account with Amazon,com, the first time you purchase you will have to open an account. To open an account is a matter of a view minutes. Download is immediate.

Buy the eBook

To purchase the printed form, follow the link, and then, fill out the necessary information. The book is printed in 6×9 inches, contains sixteen photographs. The books are published by CreateSpace, an Amazon Company and delivered by UPS to your address worlwide in your country of preference. As with the ebook, if this is your first purchase it will be neccesary to open an account, which is a very simple and straight forward process.

Printed edition

Thank you for your interest, and if you decide to read the book…. enjoy