Tickling the anemones

Chapter 5… Of poor lovesick poets

The cove Ometepe Island, Rivas, Nicaragua
The cove
Ometepe Island, Rivas, Nicaragua

     His mother would spend the day in the Costa Azul District, in the port of Corinto, where she owned a restaurant. Costa Azul (The Blue Coast) was a well-known quarter of the town, and it was largely famous for the assorted fresh seafood offered in the restaurants. The island (Isla Cardón), where the house was located, was close to the port,

“It was barely a twenty minute ride by boat, when the sea was calm, or fifteen bumpy minutes more with the occasional rough surf.”

“The house and an old lighthouse were the only constructions on the island. The building was large, and it was spacious. Its front facade faced the beach, with its fine, white sand and a gentle slope. The rooms had huge bay windows and their own terrace, both with fantastic views to the sea and those glorious sunsets in the west. To the south, the shoreline changed into a rocky coast that formed beautiful pools at low tide. The sandy part was perfect for wading and playing around in the water! I also loved to walk in the rocky part. When the tide ebbed, these tide pools began to appear suddenly. Many had sea anemones. As a little boy, I couldn’t resist poking them gently and watching them close up on me!”

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