Complementary vocabulary for: A glimpse into Bolivia And Argentina

These are different words and expressions that may be used to describe the photographs.

          Lake Titicaca     

Dark skies. The sky is bright.

Magnificent clouds. A spectacular, dramatic, contrasting sky.

In the late afternoon or the early evening.

A stunning, charming panoramic view of a lake.
It is a picturesque scene.

The ships, vessels, and boats have anchored in the lake.
Some boats anchored in deeper waters.

          The Central Park

The photo depicts, describes, shows

A fantastic view of a park.

An urban scene.

the colorful balloons. 

A kiosk in the background.

Flowers in the forefront.

          The market

The market, a marketplace
The fruits are colorful.

An impressive variety of fruits and bottled drinks.

A man with his back to the camera,

The fruit booths or stall in the market.

The women are wearing blue aprons.
One of the women has her hair covered.

There are papayas, red and green apples, bright red strawberries.
It is a lively scene.
Different bottles on shelves on the wall.

          The mountains

A view of a city.
In the distance.
A city landscape with mountains in the background.

A dense concentration of brick buildings.

A brightly colored wall.

Snow covered mountains. The peaks are covered in snow.

Open spaces contrasting with the city view.

          The desert.

A landscape with a view of a desert.
Reaching out towards the horizon.

The green patches of vegetation.

A city in the distance, a city set in the desert.

A large, gigantic, huge light green cactus to the right of the view.

The tips of the cactus are white.

The vegetation shows different tones of green.

          The mural

The photo shows a mural.

The man and the woman both have black hair.

The bird is a condor with a prominent yellow beak.

The man’s mustache is thick and is black like his hair.

The woman’s hat is light yellow and quite large or rather big.

It also depicts a church tower, a bridge, and a train.


   ©  All photos by edudelcorral


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