Some reflections on a life that was as long as it was brief

Fragment from “The book that was never meant to see the light.”

 A view from the balcony El Salado, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia
A view from the balcony
El Salado, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia

   One day, just like this one, and perhaps, like any other, Dora asked:
“Tell me, Grandmother. Tell me, Ines. What do you see when you spend so much time, just sitting and gazing out from your balcony?
“Oh, my sweet child…. How explain all that you see after living for so many years? I see my life, as I have lived it. It passed too swiftly. I see myself approaching the finish line, where we all arrive sometime in our life. I see many of the blessed and cherished moments which I have received throughout my many years. I also see how lucky I have been as I ran this race we call life.” She answered sweetly, as she always did when talking to the little girl.
“What can you tell me that will help me? I am just starting out in this race that you call life.”
“Oh, my dear child! Live it! Enjoy every minute, every second, each instant and every breath of life that you pull from the world. Then, when, as I, you get close to the end of things… you can say, full of love and respect: Life, please don’t ever end! Allow me that last breath, let me smile and laugh one last time, with the joy of one who has lived contentedly. At that time, you can say:
It may have been brief, but at the same time, it was so good!”

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