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The weekend niece. from the book, Searching for treasures

The plazoleta                Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia

   The Fonce River was a few blocks away from the San Gil’s Plaza. A steel bridge, painted yellow, crossed it where the highway to Piedecuesta and Bucaramanga, the Capital of the Department, entered the city by crossing the river. There, a block from the bridge and the city market was, El Terminalito, the short-distance buses terminal. The small bus or busetica from Barichara arrived here, as did the busetas from the other villages and settlements near San Gil.

     On occasion, when Dora’s uncles weren’t at their plantation at Barichara, her paternal grandparents would call Ines to ask for a favor. Would it be possible for them to receive Dora at her place for the weekend? Her grandmother was happy to oblige! How was she not to welcome her home, when Dora already had a special place in her heart? Sometimes, there were these certain      gestures of Dora’s. They reminded her so much of Dora’s mother. Both of you, so alike at this age of yours… my child! How quickly you left us… May you rest in peace… Ines would think at those times.

     Hanging up the phone, an antique she kept in mint condition, she would always remain pensive for a short while. But, Ines, with her kind of a character, that was tempered by red-hot fires, by the flames of the bad times she had endured and suffered when a young girl… was not prone to let herself fall into sad fits of pity. At least, not for more than a few minutes at that!


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