A house with a blue facade

The weekend niece. from the book, Searching for treasures

The lake Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia
The lake              Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia

   As you walked from the plaza, you could enjoy observing the old buildings of this quarter of the city and how the gradually climbed until they reached the bottom of Ines’ street. That’s where the final climb to her house initiated, challenging and ruggedly inclined. It seemed to defy the pedestrian and the daring cars, who could barely reach the half-way point before finding that’s as far as they could go!

     From that point on, the street was exclusively for those walking, the cars having to park in front of a wide-stepped barricade. Fourteen steps above, the street kept climbing until it reached a blue facade.

     The entrance to the house was here. It was sheltered, from the sun and rains, by an overhang painted in the same blue color as the facade. It provided a generous shade during the mornings and the sunny afternoons, so typical of San Gil. At the same time, it was a dry spot for the passers-by during the rainy moments that occurred during part of the afternoons.

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