Working for the first time

Chapter 4… Baptizing the celebrities

The beach Moyagalpa, Rivas, Nicaragua
The beach
Moyagalpa, Rivas, Nicaragua

     They say that a man is as tall as the heights that his imagination dares to soar. With the tales and the yarns that he so enjoyed to spin, my dearest grandfather, surely must have reached the heavens, where he would likely be sitting comfortably on a cotton cloud, right beside the Virgin of the Throne. If she lets him have his way, he would assuredly convince her that the twenty day festivities during December are held in remembrance of his baptism and in his honor.

     “Tread slowly and tread carefully my friends! When ultimately the rumors finally reached the Blessed and Chaste ears of the Bishop, he came up with a brilliant idea. He ordered the priest repeat it every following year. I’m talking about rising early in the morning and his working up a sweat, cleaning all that silver. Apparently the Old Fox, my mistake, the Bishop, greatly enjoyed this, for he and that little priest just didn’t get along, you know…
“Anyway he was ordered to do this in commemoration of that grand occasion. Yes, I should pretend to be a bit more modest; but it’s understood that my baptism was a major historic event. This time I’m speaking of commemorating, that first one and only time, that anybody, yes anybody in the world had actually seen… padre José working in his whole, useless life.

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