History, according to Grandfather Jairo

Chapter 4… Baptizing the celebrities

Las Peñitas Beach Leon, Nicaragua
Las Peñitas Beach
Leon, Nicaragua

All in all, and be it as it may, as far as Grandfather is concerned, history depends on the historian that’s making up the story at the moment. When for whatever reason, the subject changed to his early childhood, his traits as a historian would assuredly rise to the occasion, his eyes twinkling as he warmed up to one of his favorite topics. His smile would give way to his mischievous grin, the prelude that signals the birth of one of his forthcoming pranks. Like the proverbial cat and the mouse, he’d seize the opportunity to unveil the circumstances of his baptism, narrating his own extremely personal version of the events…

“That priest was understandably nervous about baptizing me, the first-born son of don Leobardo Díaz Alvarez! As it turned out, the so-called priest, padre José was a card, quite a character. On that very day, he got up early in the morning, something that guy never did, so that nobody would see him. What’s more, talking about early in the morning, I’m sure he didn’t even have the slightest idea, what that meant. Anyway, he got up to wash the font really carefully, because he thought ultimately, “it’s me he’s going to bathe in it.” That poor thing was beyond filthy; it was both as neglected, as it was abandoned. The silver base was grimy and caked with dirt, which accumulated through a long time and because of his carelessness. Of course, the silver had lost its luster and shine. Let me tell you a fact of life: fear rides not, upon a donkey’s back. In his case, even though this glorious event was still a week away, there you have him: rising at the crack of dawn, feeling clumsy from the sleepless nights of anxiety. He’s on his knees, puffing, huffing, and polishing that poor font, to bring it back from oblivion and shine once more!

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