A question of points of view

All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall

All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall

Pink Floyd, The Wall

El tren Calles de Berlin, Alemania
The yellow train
Berlin, Germany.

“My great-grandparents were true collectors of antiques from times buried in the past. Based in Berlin, from there. they intensely traveled the continent. And as they roamed the world, their priceless collection expanded and grew. They would return to Germany with valuable this and that’s. It was they who instilled the love of antiques in my blood.”

“But as is my custom, I stray from the point. As it happened, after so many interminable years of living with my grandparents, I felt both trapped and without any foreseeable escape. I was but a twelve-year-old, yet I already felt that my life had never begun and, what’s worse, would never do so or be over even before it had its chance bud.”

La plazuela Calles de Berlin, Alemania
The plaza
Berlin, Germany

“Now, at this point, if you don’t mind, I would like to ask a rather personal question. What is your opinion on the matter of miracles, my dear lady?”

Alicia raised an eyebrow, upon listening to his question, reflecting the interest that his query arose in her.

“Miracles, my dear sir?”

“Quite so, my dear. What are your thoughts on the subject?”

“You refer to supernatural events that defy all rational explanation?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes. That is the type of occurrences I refer to.” His answer was most solemn.

El tango callejero Calles de Berlin, Alemania
Street tango
Berlin, Germany

“Well, to be blunt…, Sir John. No! I don’t believe in them. Do you, by any chance?”

“Well…, to be frank, Alicia. No, I don’t believe in them either. I assuredly share your opinion on this matter. But…, the exception does rather confirm the rule, wouldn’t you say?”

“Aja! Now that’s a nice way to look at this. You don’t believe in them, but you do admit to the possibility of their happening. Under certain, particular circumstances, I presume?”

Sir John kept on going with his train of thought.

“I understand that you may find what I’m about to confide extremely difficult to believe. What’s more, I strongly suspect that you will think of this as a joke on my part. But no, you see, my dear Alicia; when I was in dire need of it, a miracle occurred!”, he exclaimed in a triumphal voice, “a marvelous miracle that came to change my dismal existence.” Without realizing what she was doing, the young woman in a most incredulous voice:

“A miracle, Sir John? Yes, you’re right!  I don’t believe you, based on the simple fact that I don’t believe in miracles.”

Leyendas en El Muro Berlin, Alemania Writings on The Wall
Berlin, Germany


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