Grandfather’s great Sunday adventures

Who would be the daring enough to boldly modify his routine, ready to risk all and try something new in their life

Las calles de la ciudad ciudad de Londres, UK
The city streets
London City, UK

“Ten minutes after finishing such an extraordinary breakfast, he would go for a stroll, no matter the climate. He walked ten blocks to the North until he reached the train-tracks. Without stopping, he turned West and walked five more blocks, following the tracks.”

“When he arrived, at that point, he rested for two minutes on the dot. Replenished from his efforts, he began walking back. First, he strolled ten blocks south, of course, finally bearing East to arrive back at home in exactly twenty-two minutes, not twenty-one, and of course, never twenty-three.”

Las fachadas ciudad de Londres, UK
London City, UK

“On the other weekdays (to be precise, on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays), he also had two eggs for breakfast. They were boiled for two minutes, measured by the black grains of another sand-clock. Instead of bread, he would then eat two crackers with butter but no jam.”

“He would go out for a walk as well, but he inverted the direction and began by heading West and then North. He arrived back home in exactly twenty-two minutes, no more and no less.”

Vistas de las calles ciudad de Londres, UK
Street view
London City, UK

“The greatest adventures of his life, he reserved for Sundays. On those remarkable days, he had two sunny-side-up eggs with ham. Surprisingly, he drank coffee instead of tea, which might be considered preposterous, but understandable. As it happens, my great-grandmother, who grew up on the continent, loved her coffee in the mornings, or so they said. So, in a way, my grandfather was replicating a ritual acquired when he was a boy, without a thought on how unconventionally he was behaving.”

La rueda de la fortuna ciudad de Londres, UK
The merry-go-round
London City, UK


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