Spinning routines

From her vantage point, in a beam of the ceiling high above the room, the spider silently spun her web, while observing the humans that below her, went about their incomprehensible daily routines

El ferrocarril Londres, UK
The train
London, UK

“There’s not much to be said about my grandmother. Her life was as sparing as her conversations. She spent her days in silence, sitting in her rocking chair, the back as straight as an arrow and her legs bundled in a blanket, unremittingly knitting all sorts woollen clothes for no one to wear.”

“On the rare occasions when grandfather spoke, she would limit herself to wholeheartedly agreeing and praise him for his wisdom. Then, she would soundlessly return to her incessant weaving.”

“Upon her death, she left behind a most impressive number of boxes. As to be expected, they were full to the brim with all sorts of useless woollen clothing, yet she had scarcely left any memories behind, for me to remember her by.”

Fachadas Londres, Inglaterra
London, UK

“Somehow, it was my grandmother’s funeral, that gave me the impression that my entire childhood unfolded stuck in gigantic spiderwebs. The first was a dense, dark black widow’s nest with a furtive and deadly obese widow in London. Then I moved on to the next. That was in Stratford, where a different web was waiting for my arrival. A dangerous trap, more of the domestic sort that killed its victims by lethargic indifference and boredom. The monotony of the daily routines of those spiders was spun into the same, identical designs day after day, again and again until it became the blurry image of an empty progression of nothingness.”

Vistas del parque Londres, UK
A view of the park
London, UK

“Curiously, my grandfather and I shared the same name, though his complete name was John Henry and mine was simply John. As I remarked a few cups of tea earlier, he was an accomplished master in the art of avoiding risks of any kind and at any time whatsoever.” 

“To give you an idea of the impressive scope of his imagination, let me mention how he began his days…  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, he enjoyed a couple of soft-boiled eggs for breakfast.”

Calles de Kensington Ciudad de Londres. UK
Kensington’s streets
London, UK


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