Life’s dreams

Chase your dreams, before they slip away

Ruby Tuesday, The Rolling Stones

El puente Londres, UK.
The bridge
London, UK.

“Of course, when I found out that I would be moving to Rugby and live with my grandparents, I received those happy tidings most cheerfully. It’s not easy to imagine the relief I felt. I would then leave Mary Louise behind and her never-ending sermons as well. Her tedious lessons would fade as memories of the past! As far as I was concerned that was the best news I had ever received.”

La esquina Londres, UK.
The corner
London, UK.

“Regrettably, I had not met my grandparents, and for that simple reason, I failed to understand that moving to Rugby only meant a change of prison walls.” For a moment, Sir John was thoughtful before continuing.
“I must confess, I believed that compared to the alternative of living with Mary Louise, this change constituted an excellent opportunity. How naïve one we are at times!”

Las fachadas Calles de Londres, UK
London , UK

“My grandfather turned out to be the most boring person I have ever met in all my life! Compared to my grandfather, Mary Louise was a barrel of laughs…”

“My great-grandparents, by the way, were born in Berlin. They met there and later on, for some reason decided to move to England. This happened before my grandfather was born. Years later, they moved to Paris, where they lived till the end of their days.”

“When they decided to move to France, my grandfather wished them the best of luck, and all those things. He remained behind to live his life in England. By then, he had married Victoria, my grandmother.”

Vista del lago Londres, UK
View of the lake
London, UK


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