Unexpected changes

How hard it must be… to leave everything behind in the search of a new life

Caminando por la tarde Londres, UK,
Afternoon walk
London, UK.

“Outside my prison, the world was moving on, yet, at home, everything remained immobile, the shadow of a dying absolute truth with nothing more to add. I was a forgotten prisoner, left behind, living in a static, stagnated universe. Inside the prison walls, progress had ceased to exist. In the meantime, outside those walls, life went merrily on.”

“Fortunately, my father left me an interesting collection of children’s books behind. They were in mint condition and surely, he must have read them in his youthful days. Those books formed a small part (though for me, they were the most important one) of our library. When reading, I found shelter from this bitter and sour creature and her imposing ways. While reading, I left the countless rules of conduct and good manners with which she tried to fill my life, gratefully behind me. In an astonishing way, these rules were as plentiful as the apple tarts that she was forever munching away during tea.”

Fachadas Londres, UK.
London, UK.

Upon listening to these remarks, the young woman felt a sad, melancholic sentiment unsettle her. Though his comments were disguised with a dry sense of sarcastic humour, she perceived he had gone through a deep loneliness during those childhood days, and so, she was profoundly touched.

“What a pity that your childhood was so terribly solitary, Sir John.  Our childhood days should represent a most memorable time in our life, and fill us with sweet nostalgic memories that we recur to in the sad and unsettling moments of our later years.”

Puente sobre el río Londres, UK.
Bridge over the river
London, UK.

“Well, well. I never intended to portray myself as a martyred child, my dear. Children, you see, have that capacity for finding their own space, even in the most trying conditions, and I was no exception. But those were, shall we say, hard times for a young boy with his head full of dreams…”

El parque Londres, UK
The park
London, UK


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