A world without laughter

In her bed, she tossed around, turning over and over, anguished and afraid that somebody might be having a good time…

From Foundation, by Issac Asimov

Las crepes de la avenida París, Francia
Street crepes
Paris, France

“You did not get to know my custodian and thank heavens for that blessing! It is an experience I would never wish for any other unfortunate to experience” he answered gravely, after which he smiled timidly and continued the conversation.

La torre París, Francia
The tower
Paris, France

“The thing is that during all those years, there never was a moment of laughter in the house, not one single instance, God forbid! According to Mary Louise, the contractions of the facial muscles deformed the face, and what’s more, they produced wrinkled it up.  Still, I imagine that long ago, many years before my time, she must have been doing her fair share of laughing, for how else can you explain the formidable amount of wrinkling on her face?

“With Mary Louise, every event and all occurrences were solemn in nature and grave in extreme. She had this knack for detecting one’s errors and never observing the achievements.”

“I found myself a prisoner in my own home. I had no permission to leave the house. I wasn’t even able to at least contemplate the world through the window, for she insisted that the outside world was full of evil and sin. Consequently, to peek through the window was to invite the wickedness to enter.”

Vida en las calles París, Francia
Life in the streets
Paris, France

“They were truly the most tedious and boring years of my life. Excruciating progressions of useless instructions on children’s good manners, archaic grammar that echoed hollow times, dusty with age. Not to mention the never-ending dictation exercises full of hidden spelling pitfalls, and of course, the insufferable phonetics classes during the long hours of the morning. These were to be followed by the most boring lessons on a forgotten world history together with an inconsequential geography lesson after tea , precisely when I found myself lethargic after eating and ready to fall asleep. A charming way for a young boy to grow up, wouldn’t you agree?”

El parque París, Francia
The park
Paris, France


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