The intrepid globe trotter

I his dreams, he found his own truth… and never! shared it with anyone else.

El café París, Francia
The café
Paris, France

“So, my most intrepid globe trotter, you who visit us from the faraway Americas”, he began to say in a hushed and low tone, suddenly interrupting his guest’s train of thought. It seemed as if he was secretly scheming together with his visitor on some clandestine and shadowy underground plot…

“It was in the City of Love!” Sir John exclaimed in a loud and ecstatic voice, abruptly getting up from his seat and raising his both hands in the air, this followed by a dizzying twirl on the tip of his toes, which culminated after having done a complete 360-degree spin.

La plaza París, Francia
The plaza
Paris, France

As if it were a highly orchestrated choreography, he let himself fall on his right knee, with surprising agility… not without first retrieving his white handkerchief from his pocket, with his right hand, and placing it high over his head. He ended his movements by describing and arch with the handkerchief in his hand, delicately lowering it until it gently touched the floor. The he posed on his knee, before his most astonished and absolutely amazed visitor.

Graffiti callejero París, Francia
Street Graffiti
Paris, France

After which he exclaimed, in a profoundly emotive voice:

“Paris… my dear lady. Better known as The Eternal City of the Enamored!”
The reaction did not take long. Overwhelmed by the brilliant performance of her host and his sudden change of mood, she found herself on her feet and next to her seat, without realizing how, nor much less, while rendering a deep, heartfelt standing ovation in appreciation of this man’s more than colorful act.

El Río Siena París, Francia
The Seine River
Paris, France

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   ©  All photos by edudelcorral

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