Un unsurpassable wedding

Chapter 2… The García girls’ wedding

Sunset in the Nica Coast Playa Las Peñitas, León, Nicaragua

It was during that light that filled the skies, that indescribable blend of colors, the precise moment when the Sun decides to set itself down to rest and bathe the world in its splendor, with a marvelously still warm light, that the piglets were served. Specially brought in from the mountainous lands of the eternal spring, near the northern city of Matagalpa they brought on the oohs and aahs. Impossible to think of such a great circumstance without their presence! And perhaps a little tired from so much dancing and dining, the guests then took to their tables, to sit and feast the palate with the sweets and the buns made from goat milk, while they recovered their energies and refreshed themselves for a spell.

Meanwhile, the evening was enlivened with a local group from the neighboring city of Chinandega and the picaresque mood set by their songs. The banquet proceeded until the arrival of the witching hour; at which point, the musicians from the Atlantic coast entered the halls to the beat of their highly explosive and contagious rhythms, interweaving them to a background of fireworks, the colorful explosions and that distinctive smell of the gunpowder, as it hung in the air.

After so many years people still rave about it. Some swear upon their mother’s grave, while others, prefer to vow by the Virgin Lady of El Trono; but as all completely agree, the fireworks displayed during that unforgettable night, such a long time ago, have never and will never be surpassed.

To the tune of the industrial quantities of Centennial and Solera rum imported from Guatemala, and by the way, the musicians, exclusively brought in from the capital city of Managua, and afterwards followed by an incredible folkloric group from León, the gathering was to say the least, enthusiastic and at its utmost, so much so, that absolutely everyone danced nonstop until the sunset.


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