The Lord of the Antiques

When the ordinary object of our life, take us back to times long gone, they acquire a new perspective…

En la iglesia Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Perú
Kensington, London, UK

The interior turned out to be much roomier than it would have seemed from the outside. The first floor consisted of a huge living room that led to different side-chambers and an additional space in the back. Almost upon entering, she was very cordially welcomed by a white-haired tall man.

El parque Abancay, Apurímac, Perú
Wilton Place
Kensington, London, UK

He wore this highly stylized moustache and was impeccably dressed in the most formal manner at that early time of the day. This gentleman, probably in his fifth decade, projected an elegance, distinction and grace that strongly impressed the young woman. The man, delighted to hear she was visiting from Colombia, generously invited her to share tea, though the hour was extremely early for it.

El Río Río Thames, Londres, UK
Bridge over the river
River Thames, London, UK

Enthusiastic, Alicia, Felicia’s future mother, accepted. They accommodated themselves in a small, but exquisite chamber, inside this extraordinary establishment. The tea room was in the back of the main exhibition. It connected to the large central area through a corridor, with its wall decked with intriguing oil paintings from distant times in the past. It was subtly isolated from the exterior by a screen brought from the Far East. These displayed and exotic landscapes, masterfully carved in relief into its fine wood. These, also functioned as a door to close the way out of the passage.

They progressively broke the ice, chatting about rather general and introductory matters, the conventional interchange between two people that are barely getting acquainted, without missing the chance to discuss the London’s weather, of course.

Anclados Río Thames, Londres, UK
River Thames, London, UK


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