Two weddings for the price of one

Chapter 2… The García girls’ wedding

Historical Centre Granada City, Nicaragua
Imagine          Historical Centre Granada City, Nicaragua

The two bishops said, but mostly sung, the double wedding ceremony. Previously, they carefully tuned their voices at a small and intimate toast, while the eighteen altar boys, took turns to dress them in their solemn clothes before the service. When they officiated, they were accompanied by the chamber quartet brought in from Managua, and by the angelic voices, of the sisters from the choir, of the Convent de la Merced, who came from nearby León. They still say, that there were so many personalities attending the wedding, that there was almost no space left over, not even for the Holy Spirit.

When the religious ceremony was over, they then relocated by horse-drawn carriages, parading down the streets to the banquet. To begin with, they served the delicious plates of the famous Honduran mondongo, a spicy stew, very rich, made with the cow’s stomach, which was brought from Choluteca City, in the neighboring country of Honduras. They served the mondongo, along with salty donuts, called rosquillas, that are a bit crispy and at the same time quite crunchy, typical of the Municipality of El Viejo, where the banquet was being held. Their freshly baked aroma had invaded the banquet hall, filling the air everywhere you turned.

To the tune of the industrial quantities of Centennial and Solera rum imported from Guatemala, and by the way, the musicians, exclusively brought in from the capital city of Managua, and afterwards followed by an incredible folkloric group from León, the gathering was to say the least, enthusiastic and at its utmost, so much so, that absolutely everyone danced nonstop until the sunset.

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