A day for resting and shopping

Some days the best thing to do… is to do nothing at all

Decorating the streets
Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Peru

“Cheer up, my dearest Prince Valiant. You can cope with these misfortunes and more. After all that wandering around through so many countries, I believe a lazy day, just relaxed and resting, will actually be good for you, don´t you agree?” she commented, hoping to lift her sad and sick husband’s spirits.

“But, it’s one of the few days that we have left for London, my dear, and I can’t say I want to spend it cooped up in here, and I am also spoiling this day for you too” he sadly answered.

Futbol callejero Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Perú
Street foot ball
Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Peru

 “My love, I’m so sorry for your sake, but… at the moment, there’s nothing I can do for you here in the hotel. Your present chores are of a very personal nature. So, you will have to excuse me, for I’m off to explore a few shops in search of something for our future daughter.”

“You’re at it again? How do I get through to you, so you understand that we will have a boy? He shall be big, strong, and healthy. Those dolls and all that little girl stuff you’ve been buying, won’t do him any good at all. They shall have to wait until it’s their turn. The next child will be a girl and she will look just like you. Surely, she shall be utterly beautiful, and yes, she will gladly receive all your presents.”

Fachada y parque Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Perú
Facade and park
Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Peru

“We shall see, my love, we shall most certainly see. Life is full of surprises, and you have a surprise in store for your down the road a bit. And that surprise will indeed play with dolls. It seems to me, that it’s you who shall have to put away all those boy’s toys and await the next one, not myself.”

“Anyway, as you so bluntly put it, so few days, and so much London to see… Just make sure that you drink lots of tea and please try and rest well. I shall be back for lunch; perhaps by then you’ll have an appetite and we can share some light food” That being said, she rapidly left the room, before her husband had time to object.

Once on the main floor of the luxurious hotel, his wife smiled patronizingly and walked out to the street, but not before she talked to the receptionist and made sure he would be perfectly taken care of.

Mediodía en el parque Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Perú
Noon at the park
Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Peru


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