Talking about wines and weddings

Chapter 2… The García girls’ wedding

Commemorative mural Historical Centre Lon City. Leon, Nicaragua
Commemorative mural
Historical Centre Lon City. Leon, Nicaragua

The beautiful colonial church, which dated back to the 17th century, was decked with hundreds upon hundreds of orchid flowers. These had been brought in from Montenegro, in the neighboring mountains in Costa Rica. There were so many flowers! I’ve heard it said that as their fragrance reached out, all the way, to the nearby city of Chinandega, everyone rejoiced and felt young once more. The people flocked outside of the buildings, filling the empty streets, as they relished the delicate aroma in the air. There, they basked in the warm sun, delighted as they felt young for one last time, and they relived, if only for a fleeting moment, that lost spring-time of their life.

The Godparents: don Jairo Díaz, the eldest of the Díaz Alvarez brothers, known and renowned by all in the community; as well as his wife, the graceful and sweet doña Joanna García y Hernández. They had been married a few years before, in the church of Chinandega, when it was still in good conditions.

His Excellency, the Bishop of Managua celebrated the ceremony. He was perhaps a distant relative, nevertheless a very close friend of the Díaz Alvarez family. The priest of Chinandega and the parish priest from the Basilica El Viejo assisted him. He officiated together with His Grace, the Bishop of the Diocese of León (who never missed the famous lunch gatherings at the García y Hernández family’s house, and always collaborated in good spirits, when it was time to taste the wines and approve the choice of the day).

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