A doll called Helga

And where are my faithful and inseparable childhood friends. Nostalgic are the memories of my cherished toys…

La plaza Centro histórico, Cusco, Perú
The plaza           Historical Centre, Cusco, Peru

As they travelled through Germany, they bargained and acquired a lovely ceramic doll with golden hair. Curiously its hair would almost identically match Felicia’s own and become one of her favourites. Later on, the doll was named Helga.

Los tapetes Andahuaylas, Región de Apurímac, Perú
The mats
Andahuaylas,  Apurímac Region, Peru

The dolls name was taken from a young girl in a swiss story, part of a storybook with more than three hundred and some, beautifully illustrated pages. The book was one her gifts when she turned six-years old. The little girl read and re-read this book on so many occasions, as it turned into one of what she called: my treasures.

Fiestas del pueblo Andahuaylas, Region de Apurimac, Perú
The fiestas
Andahuaylas, Apurimac Region, Peru

Wooden shoes from Holland, the size to fit a young girl and a set of wooden blocks, carefully carved with delicate designs of animals, the alphabet and the numbers from zero to nine. All them painted in lively colours and by hand…

A many bladed Swiss knife and a tea set from Bruges… a cuckoo clock from Bavaria and a dress with smart colours from Munich…

El jardín Andahuaylas, Región de Apurímac, Perú
The garden
Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Region Peru


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