Crossing the Atlantic

In the sea, life is so much sweeter…, in the sea, I love you so much more!

Song by Carlos Argentino

Vista desde la Plaza de Armas ciudad de Cusco, Cusco, Perú
View from the Plaza de Armas Square
 Cusco City, Cusco, Perú

During their fortunate transatlantic crossing, the future parents were engrossed in all the details of their ship. As it happened, the liner in which they were travelling was a recent acquisition of her family. Comfortably settled in the best cabin aboard, they dedicated themselves to investigating all the novelties with which the new and modern vessel was equipped.

La esquina centro histórico, Cusco, Perú
The corner
Historical Centre, Cusco, Peru

These were the exciting times in which the huge sailing ships, powered by the wind caught in their enormous sails, were slowly substituted by modern vessels equipped with steam engines and propellers.

El portón Centro histórico, Cusco, Perú
The front door
Historical Centre, Cusco, Peru

These new ships managed to reduce the navigation time between both continents, as well as, on all the routes into which they were introduced. Felicia’s future parents were happily caught up in highly technical discussions with the Captain and with his officers, concerning this thrilling new propulsion system that had spread so rapidly among the most powerful war fleets and the huge commercial liners.

Balcones Centro histórico, Cusco, Perú
Historical Centre, Cusco, Peru


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